Monday, 10 August 2015

Is Higher Consciousness: A Modern Neccessity?

    Very few institutions of this earth are coming from the perspective of a higher consciousness.
What exactly do we mean, when we use the term 'higher consciousness?'  By higher consciousness we mean using our thoughts and feelings from a purer perspective than is represented in the mainstream media and the mass consciousness that is seen via our TV stations news media, movies and the written and spoken word of today and religious and cultural programming. A consciousness that is purer than the average consciousness of the masses, who have access to modern technology and communications systems.
In fact I am presuming that many who do not have access to these technologies and who live closer to nature are already connecting to higher forms of intuitive consciousness, as the communication technologies of today often have subliminals hidden within them and feed their programs straight into the subconscious mind. Also because the news and media is mainly watched and not just heard, it has a left brain programming affect, instead of a right brain creative intuitive affect that allows us to tap into higher knowledge sources of the universe.

   Higher consciousness can also mean a spiritual consciousness, but is not inclusive of this, as one does not have to have a religious or spiritual belief system to be functioning at a level of higher consciousness, but one does need to have a consciousness of purity and intent to harm none and a certain level of trust in the universal overall good that flows through our minds and lives. This is the energy from the universe and the central and solar sun that is uncorrupted until it flows through our own consciousness. Some would call this connecting to the 'Mind of God' or the intelligence that keeps our galaxies and universe and cosmic systems in harmony.

Having grown up in an era before the mass communications technologies and as a child in the 1950s, even before television here in Australia, I canot help but notice how cultural standards and morals in the west have deteriorated.

With regards to the older generations who lived during the first and second world wars, they mainly had access to the media, via radio and newspapers. They were also not as highly educated as today's modern generations, which gives our modern generations the ability to question and debate and research news that we are being given. However, even though a higher educational standard is more widespread in the west,  very of my peers or the younger generation, stop to asks deeper questions on what they are being told via the mainstream media and whether it is truthful. Of course today with the availability of the internet and TV,  we are saturated with news 24 hours a day and most of it is negative. This has the affect of lowering our consciousness as everything is stored in the subconscious mind and if we are to have access to the higher consciousness of spirit and the universe these negative records all has to be purified. The pure  light of higher consciousness cannot flow where there is negativity, as  it is like mud in our minds.
The Ascended Master St. Germain, has often said, "Where your attention is that is where you are," as we act on our thoughts and feelings.

There has also been a lowering of moral standards and acceptance of what is accepted as being okay morally in actions and what is to be shown via the mainstream media and in the news and modern films and also expressed in the spoken word. Consequently,  more profanity is used. So over the years there has been a lowering of standards of our cultural morals and what is acceptable. Because of this, the general level of the consciousness of the masses has also been lowered.

One may ask where is all this lowering of standards leading. It seems we are heading on a general slippery slope to lower levels of evolution because of this, which allows the masses to be controlled by power elites who do not have the best interests of the masses in their minds.
Today there is a struggle for control of the human mind being fought through the mass media technologies and if your mind is controlled, you lose control of freedom and democracy and all that entails.You also become more stressful as the news is so negative and your mental and physical health deteriorates.

So today I feel it is very important for people to take a stand as to what they allow to influence their own consciousness and minds, especially via TV channels who do nothing to lift or enlighten the consciousness and minds of those who are watching it. Also the continual advertisements and feeding of negative news streams even if you watch a movie on the TV is very annoying, so mostly I simply turn it off. I even know people who do not have televisions in their houses anymore.

It is time for more discussion on these topics of higher consciousness and purity and of what we allow to be fed into our minds via the mass communications technologies, because our freedom and our spiritual, creative and material evolution depends on it. Without explaining the higher metaphysics of this topic, I will just say the overall mass consciousnesses even affects the physical stability of the earth, just as does your own level of light or lack of light affects the earth.
 Being a sentient being the earth adjusts her own electro-magnetic fields to correct not only environmental pollution but also mental pollution that floats around in the atmosphere over the large cities of the world and in the atmosphere. When everything becomes too polluted she erupts through volcanoes, earthquakes and in past ages planetary cataclysms. The last time that occurred was around 11,000 to 12,000 years ago and is recorded in indigenous and scriptural legends and history and some geological and archaeological accounts as the great flood of Noah or when Atlantis sank below the waves.