Thursday, 22 January 2015

3% in HIgher Awareness for a Smooth Planetary Shift.

     The question needs to be asked, "how can we help the planet and humanity change the status quo as it  is currently being expressed via political and other vested interest groups?" "How can we help the planet and all beings have  a smooth transition into a higher states of evolution, when there are so many expressions of consciousness, actions and belief being expressed by humanity?"
    After being a spiritual, environmental and political/freedom activist since the 1976 and seeing most of it not coming to a positive ending...usually one step forward and two back, has led me to undergo some deeper reflection.  39 years ago I started environmental activism, with "Friends of the Earth"  in the 'Saving the Whales' campaign and yet today we are still trying to save the whales and other marine life from exploitation. My understanding now is that the success levels or not are linked back to the total percentage of people on the planet who are actively working at creating positive change  on a physical, mental, spiritual and consciousness level to achieve success. Many people pray and do not do anything physical and others work physically and do not work consciously or spiritually. Most do not do any of this, as they are just trying to survive or just plain not aware or it is too negative for them and they switch off.

I myself believe,  that if a larger proportion of the people on the planet, mainly the west, simplified their lifestyles and were expressing from the pure crystal clear consciousness and level of purity that the Christ consciousness represents, everything would move into a golden age in the "twinkling of an eye." Then again I always did like magic and even as a kid wanted to wave a magic wand and fix everything. Looking back my favorite comic's when a kid were, Wendy the Witch, Caspar the Ghost and The Phantom..the ghost who walks," Walking through walls and the Jesus-Yeshua miracles were all possibilities for me....of course we can do that and fairies, angels, gnomes and elves were all part of my world, but so was fear, as my older brother would scare me with boogie man stories until I realized that was just stupid. I also learned a lot about the earth from my aboriginal friends as I lived in remote country town and had books on their mythology which was so mystical...the rainbow serpent and the dream-time and spirits in caves and billabongs and song lines and lots of star stories. What  a magical world I lived in and  that magical world is still with us today. If only we would believe!

However, after saying that, there is extensive problem on this planet and that is the mainstream media, the internet and even some new age awareness, natural health and even some spiritual sites, all reporting on all the negative things that are occurring on our planet. and although we need to be aware to a certain extent to what is occurring, this sends a vibration of fear and hopelessness or helplessness through a certain percentage of the planetary population. Of course a lot of this is done to create certain affects, as if people are in fear you can legislate their freedom from them and control them.Thus keeping the planet and humanity on certain timeline destinies within space and time.  So how can we change the state of our experience into a higher state of consciousness and help the planet (who is also evolving),  so the plans of certain vested interest groups and E.Ts  is not in our personal experience?
    At this point I would like to say in that in the overall scheme of things, no human, E.T. or other entity can stop the planetary up-shift and the cycles of God as we can call them or the cosmic universal cycles. However their and humans actions and consciousness does influence whether it will be a smooth or destructive transition. 
When this particular cycle ends, the planet and its occupants can move gently into the light or we can move through via planetary cataclysm, as the physical planet can no longer stand the abuse and too many souls can be lost and have to wait for another round to have the opportunity again. I understand this could be as long as ten to twelve thousand years. This has occurred several times before, the last being  the floods of Noah and the sinking of Atlantis. Indigenous mythology talks about there being four worlds prior to this and we are now moving into the time of the fifth world. Over the past twenty years I have been shown psychically massive earth changes and Tsunamis and a possible pole shift. Most of this has been for Australia, This is just  possible outcome if we continue along a certain course. This does not need to occur.
    Currently our solar system is being bombarded with higher frequencies of light from passing comets and streams of energy being activated via the central and galactic suns of this universe and the solar system crossing the galactic plane.  We know by Biblical, Mayan, Hindu and Indigenous prophecy we are at the end of several major astrological and cosmic cycles, described as the end of the Kali Yuga in Hindu cosmology... the inbreath of Brahman....the universal breath.We are moving through a planetary up-shift and we can see this in the melting of the icecaps and the increase in temperature. Spirit is fire and matter is transmuted by spiritual fire into a higher vibratory frequency. This higher spiritual fire will transmute all the dross, however we all need to be at a certain level of purified consciousness free of fear and have the spiritual fire and light quotient in our four lower bodies to align with it and to move smoothly into that frequency of light.  The planet also needs a certain level of frequency of light to move gently into it's higher expression, otherwise planetary cataclysms occur on the physical level, as the old energies are thrown off. At the end of the cycle it can happen in the "twinkling of an eye," as recorded in scripture in the Book of Revelation. 

     Recently I heard  Dannion Brinkley being interviewed by an Australian lady - Lisa Harrison. Somewhere within the discussion, they talk about the problems on the planet and how we can help create a smooth transition for the planet and people. Dannion has had a couple NDE's - near death experiences and in that expanded state was given by higher beings, over one hundred possible predictions for the planet.  He has been told that we only need 3% of the planet's population to be at a higher level of consciousness and expression and action, to change our planetary experience into a positive evolutionary-shift- experience.  
So this is why it is so important, that once you are aware of what is occurring to move from fear to love and to concentrate on sending forth love and positive energy everyday and slowly and surely you will be part of that 3%.  Also doing whatever spiritual activity you enjoy such as prays, mantras, decrees, Agni Hotri, meditation, positive activities, beautiful art and music, being joyful and grateful, helping to heal others all helps. 
You can hear Dannion being interviewed by Lisa Harrison on this youtube

I write this article to share, so people can earnestly begin joining us as the 3% required for a positive planetary shift experience. May Love and Light and Miracles abound for us all and the planet. Namaste! Amethyst.

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