Thursday, 19 February 2015


The following verse may be used daily as an affirmation or prayer of intent:

I AM A GOD FREE BEING created from the energies of Love.
I AM sustained by the creative energies of Love.

I AM aware that each of my sisters and brothers on earth, reflect a variety of the colours and fragrances that comprise the rainbow of GOD I AM.

I  AM aware that the individual mirrors of each person on planet earth, are reflected on to the world stage, 'as within, so without' and in their totality, represent all of humanities energies of fear that are not embracing the energies of the LOVE  of GOD I AM.

I therefore ask through my own I AM GOD  PRESENCE that all fears are embraced by the LOVE OF GOD I AM and are dissolved into the energies of LOVE and LOVE begets LOVE.

I AM aware that:

      LOVE creates LOVE.
      LOVE embraces LOVE.
      LOVE reflects LOVE.
      LOVE mirrors LOVE.
      LOVE is a consuming fire and fire reflects Light.
      LOVE creates LIfe.
      LOVE embraces Life.
      LOVE sustains LIfe.
      LOVE evolves Life.
      LOVE expands Life.
      LOVE is Abundant.
      LOVE creates Harmony.
      LOVE heals all our problems and dis-eases.
      LOVE is Peace.

LOVE is Free and it is my eternal cosmic bank account with eternal credit.

LOVE gifts me with spiritual and physical freedom.

LOVE is the energy that embraces, sustains, harmonizes and balances inclusively, the smallest sub-atomic particles of us all, to the great cosmic universes, spiralling within the body of GOD I AM.

SO FROM THIS DAY FORWARD, I embrace, sustain and live my life with the ENERGIES OF LOVE and ONLY LOVE and LOVE BEGETS LOVE.

i AM A GOD FREE BEING creating with the energies of LOVE!
                   SO BE IT and SO IT IS! 

Copyright: Amethyst Freeman -2003 --2105 and ongoing. 

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