Sunday, 5 July 2015

Where is the World Heading?

Today in America they are celebrating the July 4th Independence Day Victory, when in 1776 the revolutionary war won the colonies freedom from the British Government. However, today that battle is still ongoing, as we see more and more freedoms being erased from not only the American people's lives, but also from other countries such as Australia who fought with America in both the first and second world wars, the Korean War from 1950-1953 and the Vietnam war -  1962-75 and the later wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our parents and grand parents believed that we were defending freedom.

I believe that freedom is a "Divine Right" and a "Divine Necessity." Without freedom, evolution stagnates and creativity and growth also stagnates and we  become robots to the will of others, who do not always have the individual or the general public's best interests at heart.

Today we see more and more of our freedoms being legislated away from us, which one could only call unconstitutional as written in the original documents of our fore fathers in both America and Australia. Australia however, does not have a "Bill of Rights."  Both countries have been sold out to the big hegemonic corporations in the interests of big business, the banking moguls, the media moguls, the pharmaceutical moguls, the fossil fuel moguls and the United Nations push for world government.  This ongoing assault on our freedoms, would not have been possible without the formation of the United Nations and its various departments and organizations, towards the end of W.W.2.

So where are we headed now? World conditions have not become more peaceful and more free, but worse and the battle today, does not seem to be so much about left wing communism, but more about right wing fascism, the other end of the scale leading to the same end, which is loss of individual and planetary freedoms. Unfortunately, once our individual country's ratify agreements with the U.N., our domestic laws are then changed to align with U.N. International laws and this is how the 'one world governmental system' is being created. It has also allowed corporations to grow in power and wealth and to erode not only our national and individual freedoms, but also to decimate the planetary environment and to affect every area of our lives.

We also have the, 'war on terror,' that the media keeps us entertained with, which has allowed our governments to legislate away more of our democratic freedoms. Here in Australia we have been disarmed and the laws giving ASIO wider powers are so draconian, one has to wonder if the majority of politicians are just plain gutless, clones of evil or just stupid?
This article online explains a little of what is occurring in Australia.

Getting back to the title, "Where is the World Headed," one has to be aware that we are nearing the end of 25,600 year zodiacal cycle, known in the Hindu religion as the Kali Yuga or the darkest age and also the ending of the 2,000 year Piscean cycle. Our misuse of light's energy is returning to us for cleansing, prior to the heightened energetic shift to the Aquarian Age

Currently, there is  the amplification of cosmic energies of light bombarding the planet via the sun via comets, asteroids etc., streaming down upon the earth, stirring up the darkness, on both an individual and planetary level. On a sub-atomic level, higher frequencies of light are pushing lower frequencies to the fore and this, together with environmental abuse of the planet, is causing the planet to heave about under the stress and strain of it all.
 In the last couple of weeks, we have seen an increase on the planet of earthquakes, volcanoes, flooding, heatwaves and freezing temperatures. What you are experiencing depends in which hemisphere you are living. These events are only going to increase and the planetary chaos with it, as the planet is cleansed and also as the dark forces try and maintain control of the planet and its resources. However, the divine plan or cosmic cycle, is pushing the planet and people to a higher state of evolutionary experience and a higher frequency of the experience of light. The forces of control and hegemony and greed cannot survive in higher frequencies of light and therefore cannot sustain their power. They are also not omnipresent beings, (being able to be in many places at the same time) like the the Angels and the Ascended Beings. Of course it is hard for humans to understand that, but I understand that energetically we are all energetically connected and Angels and Ascended Beings have the entire realization of that connection in their consciousness and they able to work with it. Third dimensional humans, including the dark forces and dark E.Ts, do not have that omnipresent talent.

So hopefully people reading this article, have the awakened awareness as to what is occurring and why? Because we are aware, we need to move beyond fear as things shift and change around us. It is also very important, during this time of the ending of cosmic cycles, to have faith of a higher divine purpose. The "Wheels of God/ the Universe turn slowly but surely." Remembering also, that Angelic hosts and the forces of light are more powerful. Trust your intuition as to where you are guided to live, stay calm and peaceful and do not forget to have some form of spiritual protection around yourself and some extra food stocks, water and medical stocks stored in case of emergencies. We can expect the chaos to increase before it gets better, probably for several years, possibly to about 2025. Hopefully world war will be kept in abeyance. However this all depends on the harmony and consciousness of people on the planet and the holding and amplification of the light on the planet and the environment. Purity and Peace and the 'freedom to choose,' are the keys to evolution.

Personally I can see some very big earth changes occurring, which is going to wake people and governments up very quickly, as the earth cannot take much more abuse, as enslavement of a planet and the abuse of the environment is against universal law or the laws of the cosmos.  Some call this universal law....God's Will!

The Ascended Masters and indigenous people tell us that the earth is a living sentient being, with a soul/spirit and consciousness. Aso the energetic frequency of the planet needs to be at a certain frequency of light to move to higher levels/dimensions of light and evolutionary experience. We also need to be at that level of purity and light to move with it.
However, before that occurs and according to the level of chaos and pollution of the planet and its people, determines the degree of cleansing and how severe it will be. We are at the end of a universal astronomical and astrological cycle and change is certain and will not be avoided.!

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